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Hanna Luna

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Follow the installation guide below if you need help installing the brush

How to Install the Procreate Brush

Above are the photos that show steps 4 – 7 in the installation guide.

If you’re seeing this on your computer or cell phone, follow steps 1 – 3 before proceeding with steps 4 – 7.



1.  Open your iPad.

2. Copy the link to this page.

3. Paste the link to the search bar of the Safari app on your iPad.

4. Click the button below to download the brush.

5. Click where it says: Open in “Procreate”. Doing so will automatically import the brush into the Procreate app.

6. To locate the brush click the brush icon in Procreate.

7. Under ‘Brush Library’ click on ‘Imported’ and the brush should be there. It’s labeled ‘Smooth Round Sketching Brush’.


Time to start drawing! Have fun creating, friend!